Buzz: Facebook, narcissists and other workplace woes

April 13, 2012 at 10:50 AM ET

You probably signed up for a Facebook account thinking it would be a good way to keep up with friends from college, look at family pictures or play FarmVille.

But then the social network exploded, and now it’s raising all sorts of sticky issues about where the personal and the professional collide.

A post this week about a man who claims he was fired after a Facebook “like” led his boss to discover he was gay prompted a lot of discussion about how much you want to share on social media when your boss may be watching.

“That is exactly why NO ONE should ever post anything personal on these social networks that can lead back to them. I refuse to even use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and I don't have anything listed in my "profile" here on Newsvine,” one reader wrote.

Others were less extreme, but still agreed that people need to think carefully about what they are putting on their social networks these days.

If your social media usage does get you the boot, it’ll help your job hunt if you’re a narcissist. This week, we also reported on a study finding that narcissists do better in job interviews – but then tend to bring a toxic culture to the workplace once they land the job.

Many readers lamented that they’d seen this phenomenon at their own workplaces. And while few co-workers like blatant self-promoters, some admitted they were a bit jealous of them.

“I just got laid off from a well-paying job due to lack of work. The narcissist that was the most obnoxious self-promoter that I have ever met is still there. I should have tooted my own horn - I would still have a job,” one reader wrote.

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