This brilliant towel could automatically censor all your naughty pics

May 21, 2012 at 1:10 PM ET

Carmichael Collective /

All the technology available nowadays makes us over-think things sometimes. Instead of simply covering up naughty bits before snapping photos, we jump through hoops to securely transfer the images, blur things out using software, or just plain worry day and night about what we did.

All of these headaches could be wiped away with a simple towel. (Or with some common sense — but we can't always rely on that.)

Unfortunately the terry cloth solution to all our sexting woes — the Censorship Towel pictured above — won't be hitting stores anytime soon. It's a design concept created by the Carmichael Collective, an ongoing project from Carmichael Lynch, a creative company based in Minneapolis, MN. The collective's tagline is "creativity for creativity’s sake," so it's not exactly shocking that they never intended to turn the towel into an actual product.

But since the checkerboard-style pattern of the Censorship Towel mimics the look of traditionally censored photos, you could probably make your own by picking up some scrap material in a variety of skin tones and spending some time with your sewing machine.

While you're working on that project, this lazy gal is going to call the folks at ThinkGeek — who are known for turning gags into real products — and beg them to license this towel. Because plenty of geeks would spend $30 on something like this.

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