'Botox leave' and other odd employee benefits

Sep. 18, 2012 at 11:49 AM ET

Would your boss let you take paid time off to get a face lift?

While U.S. employers have been slowly whittling away at traditional employee benefits like sick days, and health insurance, and ranks lowest for maternity leave, as shown in a recent study by Human Rights Watch, in other countries it's common to provide some very untraditional employee benefits.

In the U.K., employers will often let their employees take a brief personal leave to take care of cosmetic and beauty procedures. It's known as “Botox Leave,” although it can also be used for things like haircuts. They're not the only country with employee benefits reflecting unique local flavors, according to the Mercer report “2012 Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines."

For instance, Nigeria gives employees generators to use at home and even pays for their maintenance costs.

In France, employees who have worked for at least two years get to take one year unpaid leave to start or buy their own business. After the year, they can come back to their old job or one at a comparable level and pay.

Meanwhile, Chinese workers often get a special leave for getting married, usually around three days, with bonus days added if the bride and groom are "at a mature age,” which over there means 25 for men and 23 for women.

To get some of those benefits you'll either have to move countries. Or you can put in an application at Yahoo, whose CEO recently gave out free iPhone5's and choices of other smartphones to all employees. Now there's an benefit worth queueing up for.

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