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Ben Affleck's speech, Jennifer Lawrence's dress win big on social media

Feb. 25, 2013 at 2:17 PM ET

"Backstage at the #oscars in the #ArchDigestGreenRoom with Melissa McCarthy & Paul Rudd"
"Backstage at the #oscars in the #ArchDigestGreenRoom with Melissa McCarthy & Paul Rudd"

The Academy Awards ceremony is a big deal for television, sure, but it’s a hugely chatty night on all of your favorite social networks.

Twitter was kicking from the time the first stars made their red carpet entrance. By the end of the evening, Twitter counted 8.9 million tweets about the ceremony. The tweeting reached a crescendo at more than 85,000 tweets per minute as "Argo" won the Best Picture award. The Academy, eager to give fans a better view backstage, encouraged stars to tweet and installed a “Magic Mirror” in the green room snapped shots of celebs on their way to the podium. The official Oscar account then tweeted the photos.

The Onion published and then deleted a widely booed tweet about Qunenzhane Wallis, the wee star of Beasts of the Southern Wild, and a nominee in the Best Actress category. The Onion has since apologized.

Google predicted Oscar winners based on search popularity and didn’t do half bad. Google got four of the six big winners including Jennifer Lawrence right. Nate Silver, just himself and his stats, also correctly guessed four of the six big wins.

Jennifer Lawrence’s flouncy dress may have been one reason she tripped on the way to the podium, but according to Facebook, it was the most popular gown of the night. (Lawrence topped Google’s list of most searched for nominees and her dress was first among most Googled gowns.)

Also on Facebook, "Argo’s" winning announcement and Ben Affleck’s speech were some of the most mentioned moments, while Adele’s electric performance of "Skyfall" (which won her a golden trophy for best Original Song) did smashingly well too. Facebook also lit up when the First Lady made her surprise appearance to announce the award for Best Picture. There’s more on Facebook’s infographic — if you want to check out the numbers, it’s all yours.

The Oscar buzz kicked up some action in Amazon’s rankings. "Lincoln," "Beasts of the Southern Wild," "Zero Dark Thirty," "Les Mis," and "Life of Pi" all rose in lists of popular DVDs even though a few of those have yet to go on sale.

Even Kickstarter helped win an Oscar this year. With the crowd-funded contributions of 294 supporters behind it, "Inocente" won picked up the prize for best documentary short. The husband-wife pair who made the movie raised $52,527 and created a whole community of people who were rooting for the film, Andrea Nix Fine told the Wall Street Journal.

If you missed the awards and performances or want to hit replay just because, you can stream last night’s show from start to finish at on or Hulu until Wednesday.

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