Aquaman is the 'most toxic' superhero online

July 15, 2013 at 12:06 PM ET

In this comic book image released by DC Comics, Aquaman is shown. Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Captain Atom and Aquaman are among the DC Comics characters...

Aquaman, the superhero most of us either mock or just plain forget about, is actually pretty darn important ... to Internet supervillains. Search results for Aquaman-related topics lead to a great number of risky websites.

"[S]earching for the latest 'Aquaman and free torrent download,' 'Aquaman and watch,' 'Aquaman and online,' and 'Aquaman and free trailer' yields a 18.6 percent chance of landing on a website that has tested positive for online threats, such as spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware," Robert Siciliano, an online security evangelist, writes on the official blog of security software maker McAfee.

This overall risk percentage was calculated using McAfee SiteAdvisor site rankings. Aquaman is closely followed by Mr. Fantastic (18.22 percent chance of online threats), the Hulk (17.30 percent chance of online threats), and Wonder Woman (16.77 percent chance of line threats).

Here's how the full list breaks down:

  1. Aquaman                 18.60%
  2. Mr. Fantastic          18.22%
  3. The Hulk                  17.30%
  4. Wonder Woman     16.77%
  5. Daredevil                 16.70%
  6. Iron Man                  15.63%
  7. Superman 15.21%
  8. Thor                          15.10%
  9. Green Lantern         15.00%
  10. Cyclops                     14.40%
  11. Wolverine                 14.27%
  12. Invisible Woman    12.40%
  13. Batman                     12.30%
  14. Captain America 11.77%
  15. Spider-Man               11.15%

Siciliano offers some basic tips to help keep you safe as you search for your favorite superheroes online. He suggests that you should stay suspicious, be wary of offers that seem to good to be true, double-check URLs, and to use security software. (Well, the fella writes for McAfee's blog. He couldn't possibly miss an opportunity to suggest security software.) It all really boils down to: Use common sense. Searching for sexy images of Catwoman could very well leave you exposed.

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