AirBnB helps Superstorm Sandy victims find a place to crash for free

Nov. 8, 2012 at 11:02 AM ET

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Apartment-rental service AirBnB has is offering free listings for those in the New York and New Jersey who are willing to offer up their homes for free to those displaced by Superstorm Sandy.

Although much of the area affected by the storm is returning to normal, thousands of people remain without power--and for some especially unfortunate families, without homes.

AirBnB will waive service charges for anyone who lists their spare rooms, inflatable mattresses, or even couches for free, while still covering the rentals with their host guarantee insurance.

There's more than just good karma in the mix for AirBnB, whose business model has been questioned by NYC officials in the last year, as rental of entire apartments is illegal and subject to fines. Rental of rooms within apartments is legal, however, and it appears the city government is happy to encourage the sharing of homes, considering the circumstances. Even the Mayor's office tweeted about the AirBnB offer.

If you are interested in offering your space or in need of temporary respite, AirBnB has a destination page with over 300 spaces available for easy browsing.

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