50 horror movies spoiled in four minutes

Oct. 31, 2011 at 12:42 PM ET

Fine Brothers/YouTube /
Blood brothers.

Much like the unstoppable Michael Myers, the Fine Brothers are back to totally spoil your Halloween with "50 More Horror Spoilers in 4 minutes."  

"How is it possible," you find yourself asking, "that these young filmmakers and (alleged) siblings of YouTube fame managed to dig up even more crappy sequels — not to mention their crappy progenitors" after totally decimating the key plot points and character arcs of "100 Horror Spoilers in 5 Minutes" just last year?

Why not ask how it's possible that there is not one — but four — "Critters" movies, one featuring a young Leonardo DiCaprio? Why is there a "Leprechaun" franchise when only the first one starred a pre-Rachel Jennifer Aniston? Why does Death favor the Rube Goldberg method of wreaking revenge on those who cheated him (ala the "Final Destination" franchise) when he could just be all, "I'm Death. You're dead. Salmon mousse," because, hey, he's DEATH?!

And as for "Human Centipede" ...  never mind.

Instead of wasting your time asking questions for which there are no answers, spend four more minutes with the Fine Brothers who do you the solid of once again clearing out your Netflix queue.

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