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Summer survival guide for boymoms

I know someday he won't need me to hold his hand while he hops from rock to rock or come running to me for comfort when he falls and scrapes his knee. So as...

Kristin Shaw

Dads can, too... if we let them

Fathers are fully capable of feeding, clothing, changing diapers and taking care of their children — and they tend to be even better at it when they aren't...

Cyndy Gatewood

Dear Dads, Take the picture

I looked through my phone the other day and realized I have tons of pictures of my husband playing with our kids, but we don't have many of ME with the kids....

Heather Anne Naples

How the fear of dying taught me how to live

What do I want people to tell my daughter about me? That I smiled. That I laughed. And most importantly, that I loved. That I loved every single second of every...

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