Woman searches for mystery couple in proposal photo

July 16, 2012 at 9:11 AM ET

Angila Golik /

When Angila Golik of Carson City, Nevada, took a trip to to Washington, D.C. earlier this month she had no idea she'd witness the romantic scene of a couple's proposal.

Golik had just finished her visit of the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial and was walking towards the Washington Monument when she spotted two people standing in the middle of the War Memorial. She noticed the couple because they were the only people on the rotunda. She told, "If you've been to Washington, D.C. you know there are usually 200, 300 people at any given memorial at any given time so I thought, 'Wow, they're the only people there, and it's fenced off.'"

An amateur photographer, Golik had her camera at the ready. Standing about a football field away she switched lenses and zoomed in. She said, "My finger just started doing what it automatically does and I pushed the button a couple times as it zoomed in and that's when I got him proposing." As she watched, the man, dressed in an Air Force Uniform, pulled out a ring and offered it to the woman standing in front of him. She said yes and they embraced, kissing. 

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Golik let the happy couple have their moment and when it looked like they were about to leave she tried to get their attention by shouting their way, hoping to get an email address so she could send them the photos. Unfortunately they couldn't hear her, and she lost them as they left the rotunda.

When Golik viewed the photos later she decided that they belong to the couple and now, she's trying to track them down. "I'd like to give them their photos. That's my only goal. If it was me — because I was newly engaged at one time in my life — I would've loved if I had pictures of my proposal."

She shared the photos on her Facebook page and and made a YouTube video. Both have gone viral with the message, "Please help me…share these photos so maybe I can find this couple and give them their pictures!"

Golik is also hoping to know the story behind the proposal. She said, "He was doing it at the Washington War Memorial. Why? Is he coming home from war, or did he go into war, is there something significant about that spot? It's just captivating to me. It's a sweet little story."


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