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What's your diet personality? Take this quiz

Jan. 2, 2014 at 1:36 PM ET

Video: TODAY’s Health and Diet editor Madelyn Fernstrom tells Kathie Lee and Hoda which diet plans work best with certain personality types, which will help accomplish long-term diet goals.

Looking to shed a few pounds and keep them off? Figuring out the right plan for you is key to increasing your odds of long-term success. One person's "perfect diet plan" might not work for another person. Want to find out what is your basic eating-type personality? Than this is the quiz for you. 

If you answered mostly (a), you’re a ... Junk Food Eater.

If you answered mostly (b), you're a ... Food Lover. 

If you answered mostly (c), you're an ... Emotional Eater.

If you answered mostly (d), you're a ... Mindless Muncher.

Tune in to Kathie Lee and Hoda on Monday, January 6 in to see which diet is best for the category you fall in.