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What you missed June 14, 2013: John Stamos, Matthew Morrison, hot dads

June 14, 2013 at 12:07 PM ET

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Video: Chatting about first meetings with Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb describes a certain close-talker who instantly gave a bad first impression.

Video: TODAY’s Sara Haines shares some of the cutest baby photos sent in from viewers this week.

Video: In his first visit to the Fourth Hour, actor John Stamos tells Kathie Lee and Hoda how much he loves their wine-drinking, and says it’d be an honor to be a regular on the USA Network show “Necessary Roughness,” where he’s currently guest-starring.

Video: Answering questions from the crowd, Hoda tells how she once chased John Travolta down the street in New Orleans to get a quick look.

Video: The host of “House Smarts” shows how to fix a door that won’t shut all the way and quizzes KLG and Hoda, along with a group of hot dads, on their knowledge of tools.

Video: After more than 1,500 fathers entered iVillage’s Hot Dads contest this year, Liz Jack introduces the grand prize winner, Andrew Ungargo, a Navy doctor with two kids and a charming southern accent.

Video: Actor and singer Matthew Morrison, whose latest album, “Where It All Began,” salutes classic Broadway songs, performs “On The Street Where You Live,” from “My Fair Lady.”