What movie keeps Hoda glued to her couch?

April 25, 2012 at 5:46 PM ET

Sometimes, a good movie can render you totally immobile and unable to do anything else but sit and watch. Okay, so bad movies can do this too. But doesn't everybody have that one movie that always plays on TBS that totally wrecks their plans for the day?

For Hoda, it's "Sweet Home Alabama."

She tweeted, "I watched 'Sweet Home Alabama' last night on Oxygen. I could walk that movie over and over.

@hodakotb /

What's the one you could watch again and again?" Then she admitted that feels the same way about "Unfaithful" and "Love, Actually."

@hodakotb /

Twitter users were inclined to agree. @bigmamma1239 replied,"'It's complicated"" with Meryl Streep n Alec Baldwin! Great movie," while @heatherlucky seconded Hoda with "I love the movie Love Actually. One of my fans. :)" @lillizzytish named "Lord of the Rings," and @cathy2015 said that her guilty pleasures are "The Godfather" trilogy and "City of Angels."

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