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Watch KLG and Hoda,  June 27, 2013: Natalie Cole, Ambush Makeover, Webtastic

June 27, 2013 at 12:03 PM ET

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Video: TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss the continuing fallout surrounding allegations of racism against Paula Deen, and speculate about what she might have said differently in her Wednesday interview with Matt Lauer.

Video: Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole talks about her new album, “Natalie Cole en Espanol,” and what it was like to follow in her father Nat “King” Cole’s footsteps by making her first Spanish-language album.

Video: TODAY’s Sara Haines shares a YouTube video from comedian MisterEpicMann in which he mimics the eating habits of different , including an alligator and a rhino.

Video: A Swedish mom reclaims the beautiful blonde look of her youth, and an empty nester who’s dreamed of winning a makeover gets plucked off the plaza by stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin.

Video: “The Accidental Housewife,” blogger Julie Edelman, share tips to get sticky sand off of your electronics, your snacks, the car seat, and even your kids.

Video: Successful entrepreneurs Linda Rottenberg, the CEO and co-founder of Endeavor, and Alexa von Tobel, founder and CEO of LearnVest.com, share insights on how to turn your great idea into a successful business.

Video: Elaine Griffin, contributing design editor at Better Homes and Gardens, shows must-haves for outdoor entertaining including stylish, weatherproof furniture, beautiful lighting options that repel insects, delicious watermelon-mint coolers, and Trisha Yearwood’s vegetable pie.