Lisa Rinna

Want to spice up your marriage? Try 'choreplay'

May 2, 2012 at 1:50 PM ET

Lisa Rinna is known for many things — "Melrose Place," "Dancing with the Stars" — but not for her shyness. 

Lisa and her writing partner (and TODAY pal) Ian Kerner came by to talk about the "Big Fun Sexy Sex Book," their new guide to getting your mojo back. It's a handbook for couples to spice up things in the boudoir, which Lisa described as a "'Fifty Shades of Grey' workbook." She and Ian offered tips like:

- Hugging three times a day, for at least thirty seconds.

- "Choreplay," based around the idea that helping around your house relaxes your partner and gets them in "the mood."

- Talking about things you want to try with your partner, because the brain is "the biggest sex organ."

They also debated the difference between sex and making love with Kathie Lee, who seemed so comfortable with bedroom talk that she considered getting into the game herself.

"Maybe my sex book will come out next," she mused, adding that Lisa and Ian could help and make it a "threesome."

"Sick," said Hoda.

Watch below when Lisa and Ian talked to Ann Curry… if you dare.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor and big Harry Hamlin fan.

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