Videos of cat massaging dog, dog chasing crab go viral

June 28, 2012 at 1:17 PM ET

Two adorable videos featuring man’s best friend are making the internet rounds, and it's important that you watch them both.

The first, unearthed by Sara Haines, shows Madeline the Dachshund playing with her new friend, a crab, on a beach in Pauline, N.C.. Madeline’s owners say she makes friends everywhere she goes, even if it's with other species.

In the next video, Toby the Pug enjoyed what looked like a deep-tissue massage from Perry the cat. According to the owners, when Perry was a kitty he used to do it all the time to Toby. Toby certainly enjoys the pampering — listen closely and you can hear him snoring.

“He is full-blown asleep,” Sara said.

Kathie Lee wanted to know if the cat is available for house calls. “Do they hire out that cat? That cat knows what it’s doing, I’m telling you.”

Video: TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off a hilarious video of Toby the pug getting what appears to be a deep tissue massage from a cat named Harry.

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