Sara Haines

Things get raw when Sara goes undercover at a butcher shop

Feb. 21, 2012 at 2:04 PM ET

Sara's always up for a good adventure during her Sara in the City segments (riding shotgun in the Weinermobile, bell-hopping at the Plaza Hotel,being a singing telegram, to name a few) even if it involves a meat cleaver and bunch of hungry New Yorkers.

This week, she had the rare (sorry!) opportunity to visit Ottomanelli's, a legendary butcher shop and New York institution. Two generations of Ottomanelli meat men gave her a crash course in the chopping, slicing, trussing, and loading arts.

But it wasn't all beefy manual labor. Sara had to try her hand at customer relations. She also wrapped up a pair of steaks so they looked like a heart. Aw.

So how did she do? Luckily, Sara was a meat natural and was declared an honorary Ottomanelli. Good job, Haines! Not everybody can pull off a meat-stained apron.

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