KLG, Hoda share their Favorite Things: Rustic Cuff jewelry, strangers making you smile

Kathie Lee: Rustic Cuff jewelry, starting at $62.00, available at RusticCuff.com  Hoda: Photo of new friend's she met in Central Park.

KLG, Hoda's Favorite Things: Life's About Change T-shirt, Dressember foundation

Hoda: Life's About Change T-shirt, $26, available at LifesAboutChange.com Kathie Lee: Books by Ann Voskamp, available on Amazon.com,...

KLG, Hoda's Favorite Things: Eyebrow enhancer, instant coffee

Kathie Lee: Rapidbrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, $30, available at drugstores and Amazon. Hoda: Nestle Coffee Mate 2 go, $3-$4, sold at...

Kathie Lee, Hoda's Favorite Things: Colon Blow cereal, Derek Jeter commercial

Kathie Lee: Colon Blow cereal, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "SNL" Hoda: Derek Jeter commercial for Gatorade

KLG, Hoda's Favorite Things: Comfortable bra, breakfast smoothie drinks

Kathie Lee: Soma bra starting at $36.00 Hoda: Breakfast smoothie drink from Dr. Oz to help with weightloss

Kathie Lee and Hoda's Favorite Things: Fruit-Full kids plates, moisturizer

Kathie Lee: Fruit-Full Kids plates for $24 per set Hoda: Dove DermaSeries moisturizer for cracked and dry skin

KLG and Hoda's Favorite Things: Timothy Keller book, movie 'Chef'

Kathie Lee: "The Reason For God" by Timothy Keller. Available at Amazon. Hoda: Movie "Chef" out in theaters now.

Kathie Lee, Hoda's Favorite Things: Boston t-shirt and Ellen's Stardust Diner

Kathie Lee: Life Is Good Boston Love crusher t-shirt, $26.20 Hoda: Ellen's Stardust Diner in New York City

Favorite Things: Custom jewelry, photo cookies, pretzels 

Kathie Lee: Customer jewelry by Origami Owl with charms representing family, pets and hobbies Hoda: Photo cookies, pretzels and sweets by...

Favorite Things: Smoothie drink, "Son of God" movie

Kathie Lee: "Son of God" movie out in theaters Friday.  Hoda: Magic Bullet smoothie drink with orange juice, spinach, banana, apple and...

KLG, Hoda's Favorite Things: Lip gloss, travel bag for accessories 

Kathie Lee: 6 piece travel bag for jewelry and accessories by Jill Martin; $31. Available at QVC.com. Hoda: Naked ultra-nourishing lip...

Favorite Things: Snoring medication, New Orleans beads

Kathie Lee: Prescription called Veramyst. Check with your doctor before using. Hoda: Drew Brees \ New Orleans Saints bead necklace.

KLG, Hoda's Favorite Things: Exercise book, shoes

Kathie Lee: Shoes By Fergie Footwear for $95.0040 percent of the proceeds go to the organization "Dress For Success" Hoda: Book "The...

Favorite things: Coconut patties, leash pod

Hoda's favorite things this week are coconut patties, a sweet treat that started in Florida, where she spent the weekend. The coconut...