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Secrets from the set of Will Ferrell's foreign language film

March 13, 2012 at 1:05 PM ET


Nick Offerman and Will Ferrell came by TODAY to promote their upcoming Spanish language film "Casa di Mi Padre" (more on that here), and by the time they got to Kathie Lee and Hoda, they seemed very… relaxed. The pair sipped Bloody Marys in bathrobes like some kind of bizarro, all-male alternate-universe fourth hour. 

The drinks seemed to loosen their lips, because they had plenty of secretos to share about the film, which again, is entirely in Spanish.

  • Will tried using Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish, then gave up.
  • Nick had to fake a poor Spanish accent because he is "wildly proficient" in most languages.
  • Will has a romantic scene with a mannequin.
  • Nick didn't want to do the film but Will showed up at his house "under cover of night" and forced him into a three-picture foreign-language deal, including a possible remake of "Das Boot."

Hoda and Kathie Lee also had plenty to say about the film. "We usually hate most of the movies we see," added Kathie Lee, which got a genuine giggle from Will.

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