Sara Haines

Sara snubs snacks in SELF magazine

Feb. 21, 2012 at 10:06 AM ET

Our girl Sara's latest adventure: going snack-free for SELF.

The fitness magazine featured the lovely Ms. H in "12 Fat-Free Ways to Bond With Friends," which saw her test-driving a few bonding activities that happen to not involve giant plates of wings or pitchers of beer.

"Sara Haines loves her buds but not their high-calorie booze and food fests," SELF wrote. Booze fests? Whatever do you mean, Self?

The fourth hour's intrepid correspondent boldly swapped chatting over giant glasses of wine for some more active pursuits. She and a few best pals spent some time painting, playing ping-pong, and of course, walking her dogs (her other two best friends: her chihuahuas).

Now we know how she stays so very svelte.

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