Puppy pics for Hoda: Photos of your cute dogs

Oct. 3, 2012 at 10:51 AM ET

Any pet expert will tell you that it's important to do a lot of research before committing to an animal. This is probably why, when mulling what kind of dog to get, Hoda turned to the best source of information: the fans!

Hoda asked viewers to weigh in on their favorite breeds on Twitter, Facebook, and the blog, and the suggestions poured in. In fact, we received over 400 photos. Who knew how much pet owners like to talk about their pets and show off pictures? (OK, so we kind of knew that.)

Take a look!

The biggest piece of advice from fans? Get a rescue or shelter dog. Only time will tell if Kathie Lee's pup Bambino will have a buddy.  And if you haven't yet, help convince Hoda by sending in a glamour shot of your puppy friend below.

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