Not knowing a song can't keep Kathie Lee from singing it

April 4, 2012 at 12:10 PM ET

Billy Ray Cyrus wrapped up two days of wine, Kathie Lee and song while sitting in for Hoda today. And what better way to cap it off than with a duet? KLG joined Billy Ray in singing his new jam, "Hillbilly Heart," despite not being entirely familiar with the lyrics.

She can be forgiven for improv-ing a little… it's a new song, after all.

"I bet you got a Hillbilly Heart," ad-libbed Billy Ray.

"I don't know this song!" she said. "And I don't care!"

KLG did a pretty good job, for not knowing. Hey, it may be the first time that somebody scatted during a country song. This could be a whole new genre.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor. She often sings songs she doesn't know.

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