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KLG's food confession: The snack she scarfs in the car

Sep. 27, 2013 at 12:04 PM ET

Kathie Lee admitted her snacking secret.
Kathie Lee admitted her snacking secret.

Kathie Lee has a confession that she’s been meaning to get off her chest: if a bag of hot French fries happens to find its way into her car, she is powerless.

“I cannot say no to it,” she admitted, explaining that the fries are just not as good by the time you get home, and microwaving is not a viable option. But eating a burger on the road? Now that would be crass.

Her revelation comes on the heels of a survey by, which explored the types of foods people are most likely to eat behind the wheel. And, much like KLG, most respondents chose fast-food items as their top picks.

The number one response for a grab-n’-drive snack was a candy bar, and other top choices included two-handed delights like tacos and pizza. KLG found this frightening.

”You can barely eat [a taco] at home with a napkin and your two hands in front of the table!” she said.

For Hoda, it’s all about the hamburger/French fries one-two-punch when it comes to eating and driving. She even went so far as to explain how to maximize the experience.

First, she takes the hamburger out of the bag and puts it in her lap. But then, the real magic happens: “I’ll take ketchup packets and squirt them in the’s all ketchup-y in there and you just dig your hand in and you get one and you eat it and you go back in…that’s how you do it!”

But don’t expect to witness Hoda performing this ritual anytime soon: “I only do it alone.”

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