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KLG and Hoda: Miss Utah's flub stole Miss USA's thunder

June 18, 2013 at 12:15 PM ET

Her incoherent answer about gender-based pay equity went viral immediately after she delivered it at the Miss USA pageant. Two days later, Miss Utah got another crack at the question and provided a more polished response.

But was it enough to change the nation’s impression of her?

Video: TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about Miss Utah’s Q&A flub during the Miss America pageant and Hoda explains she’s been in that position many times.

That’s what Kathie Lee and Hoda wanted to know Tuesday after watching Marissa Powell, 21, appear earlier on TODAY, where Matt Lauer gave her a second chance to answer the question that famously left her stumped at Sunday’s Miss USA contest.

Both ladies sympathized with Powell for slipping into what Kathie Lee called “the Hoda zone,” that embarrassing place where you suddenly lose track of what you’re saying mid-sentence.

Video: Marissa Powell, who famously flubbed her response about equal pay for women during the Miss USA competition, explains what happened that night and gets a second chance to answer the question from TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

But they especially felt bad for the woman who went on to win the Miss USA crown, Miss Connecticut Erin Brady.

They pointed out that Powell appeared with Brady in the earlier segment.

“She’s sitting there with the winner of the Miss USA pageant, Miss Connecticut, who’s had a little bit of her thunder taken away,” KLG noted. “HELLO, I WON IT!”

Tell us, did Miss Utah's new answer change your impression of her?