KLG and Hoda

KLG, Hoda in Charleston, South Carolina: May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013 at 11:22 AM ET

Video: TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are joined by hundreds of fans as they get a taste of Southern hospitality, charm and manners while visiting the beautiful city of Charleston, S.C.

Video: Kathie Lee and Hoda get a tour of the beautiful streets and homes of Charleston, S.C., by horse-drawn carriage. They visit the City Market and show off their stylish outfits and headgear.

Video: Stacy Smallwood of Hampden Clothing in Charleston, S.C., shows how you can dress like a Southerner with trendy shorts, polos and flip-flops. She also displays home décor items such as serving trays, mason jars and decorative pillows that will make your home feel welcoming and warm.

Video: John LaVerne of Bulldog Tours in Charleston, S.C., quizzes Kathie Lee and Hoda, along with a group of viewers, about their knowledge of music, movies and celebs that have connections to the Holy City.

Video: Matt and Ted Lee grew up in Charleston, where they enjoyed the comforts of Southern cuisine. They show Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make pickled shrimp with fennel, grits and a moonshine martini.