KLG on her black velvet outfit: 'It takes 20 pounds off of you'

Oct. 8, 2012 at 11:29 AM ET


The older she gets, the more comfortable Kathie Lee wants her clothing. And it's all the better if those comfortable clothes make her look slimmer.

“It takes 20 pounds off of you,” Kathie Lee said, showing off her black velvet Lysse outfit to Hoda.

“Look at that, look at that,” she added as she twirled before the camera and shook her bottom.

KLGe said her outfit caught the attention of people who have never given her a second glance. “Walked in, and a cameraman who has never said one word to me in four and a half years said, ‘Like it, like it,’” she related.

Lysse features stretch clothing with hidden control. Kathie Lee said she loves the fact there are no zippers.

“When you look at them, you think, I’m never going to get in them – and then you get in them,” she squealed. “And then the fun begins!”

She said her tank top cost $54, the pants $74.

Hoda said she had wished she had worn hers to the set, too.


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