Keep your shirt off! KLG and Hoda 'objectify' Cosmo's sexiest bachelors

Oct. 18, 2012 at 11:23 AM ET


Every year, Cosmo picks the sexiest bachelor from every state in the union. Thursday, all 50 of them came to visit Kathie Lee and Hoda, in order to be totally objectified.

KLG joked that the horde of hunks were deliberately being kept away from her, and probably with good reason. When all of the guys crowded on the stage to be ogled, the ladies stopped the Q&A to demand that they all take off their shirts and flex their muscles.

The guys complied -- reluctantly at first, and then enthusiastically. So much so that KLG hated to move on to the next segment.

"I don't want to carve pumpkins" she said, "I want to hang out with these guys."

So of course, some of the fellas joined and stood in the background of the trick-or-treat segment as eye candy. Shirtless, of course. "Being exploited further," said KLG cheerfully.


Thanks, fellas. Hope you enjoyed your trip to New York!

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor who is proud to be from Ohio this morning.

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