Kathie Lee kids about Kristin Wiig: 'I'm happy to see her go'

May 21, 2012 at 2:10 PM ET


Why? Because no one else, KLG said Monday, is more equipped to impersonate her than KW. The former "Saturday Night Live" castmember captured Kathie Lee to a hilarious tee, down to her shrugs, love of wine and laugh. Unfortunately, Kristin bid a tearful goodbye to "SNL" after seven years on the show Saturday, when she was serenaded by Mick Jagger and danced a bittersweet waltz with her fellow actors and Lorne Michaels. 

Despite all her box-office success, Wiig's best accomplishment, I think we can all agree, was portraying KLG, who she sent up as a scooter-riding wine-swiller who relentlessly teased Hoda. (Hmm. Doesn't sound very accurate.)

"She's got six movies already ready to go, she's got a huge career ahead of her," said KLG of Wiig's departure. "Personally, I'm happy to see her go."

"What???" said Hoda.

"Only she can do Kathie Lee," she said. 

Queue up a vintage clip and pour one out for fake KLG:


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 Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor. She'll miss Hoda's imaginary boyfriend most.