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Hoda wants a dog! Show her your cutest puppy pics

Sep. 27, 2012 at 10:10 AM ET

Remember when Kathie Lee almost got Hoda a dog? Well she's still considering it (a real one this time).

"I can't stop thinking about getting a dog," she tweeted Thursday. "Maybe a cockapoo? What do you think?"

Then she asked her Twitter pals to send her snaps of their favorite animal friends, saying, "show me pix of your pooch! i wanna see xo!" Even though it was way early in the morning, plenty of people responded.

Corynne tweeted: "our sweet girl Ryer. She's a Pitt Mix rescue...found in the Bronx (on Ryer Ave) that's how she got her name!"

Corynne cirilli, ‏@corynnes /

Jennifer tweeted: "Cinnamon ~ "Cairmal" half Maltese, half Cairn Terrier"

Jennifer Cannon, ‏@JenCannPro /

Neem tweeted: "Best rescue dog ever! Charlie's a Pom-Chi. Rescue one & you'll b so happy!"

Mike tweeted: "We have a cockapoo! Highly recommended."

Hoda definitely needs a dog, if only so Kathie Lee's pup Bambino has an early morning drinking pal. What kind of dog do you think Hoda should get? Convince her by sending in photos of your cute pooches below!

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor who wants a monitor lizard.

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