Hoda proves she's the best nose picker of them all

March 21, 2013 at 10:51 AM ET

You knew that Hoda was multi-talented, but did you know she's able to identify celebrities just by looking at their disembodied noses? Yes, it's an incredible skill to have, and somebody should probably call the CIA to see where she can be of use.

Hoda revealed her hidden talent when she and guest host Whitney Cummings in a rousing game of "Guess That Nose," where they ID'd stars bases solely on close-ups of their famous schnozzes. It wasn't fair, really, because when it comes to noses, Hoda's a bit of a ringer.

"I'm a good nose picker," admitted Hoda, after correctly fingering the nostrils of KLG and Barbara Streisand.

Even worse, Whitney seemed to be particularly bad at the game; a nose that she identified as Sandra Bullock's turned out to be her own.


She was embarrassed, but she shouldn't be. It's like the old saying goes: you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but it is difficult to tell the difference between your own nose and Sandra Bullock's nose.


Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who often confuses parts of her body with those of the cast of "Speed 2."

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