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Hoda and KLG kiss and tell about first smooches

July 11, 2013 at 11:16 AM ET

Video: TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look at Willow Smith’s new music video, “Summer Fling,” which has many people asking whether the child singer is inappropriately sexualized at age 12.

Lamenting that kids today are growing up way too fast because of sexually mature images they can’t avoid, Hoda and Kathie reminisced on Thursday about a more innocent time.

Like when they each had their first kiss.

Both ladies were in the sixth grade when, coincidentally, they each smooched with a boy named John.

“I remember riding my bike up to the top of my hill and looking at the back of his house and waiting for him to come out,” Hoda recalled. “I was this 12-year-old stalker.”

KLG’s guy took her behind the school to plant one on her.

“I liked it. John’s a sweetheart, but I wasn’t ready for it,” KLG said, noting that back then, “we didn’t get bombarded with all kind of sexual images.”

What sparked the conversation was the controversial video for “Summer Fling,” a new song by 12-year-old Willow Smith raising eyebrows for its suggestive images and lyrics.


In the video, the tween child of superstars Will and Jada Smith romps around with a much older love interest.

“He looks like he’s in his late 20s,” said Kathie Lee, who noted that unlike in her youth, 12-year-olds today are “already laying there on the beach and kissing.”


KLG said she understands the outrage expressed by parents over Smith’s video.

“I’m concerned that we’re raising a whole generation of kids who’ve been sexualized from the time they were young,” she said. “They can’t even spell it yet and they’re having it.”

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