Kathie Lee & Hoda

Flirting with disaster? Hoda's tactic to get out traffic of tickets

Nov. 15, 2012 at 12:14 PM ET

A new Wall Street Journal article that explores modern-day motivations for flirting has Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb debating whether a little smile and a lilt in your voice can get you out of tight spots – or deeper into trouble.

“Some people flirt to get out of traffic tickets. That’s happened many times,” Hoda said, surprising Kathie Lee.

“Really?” KLG said.

“Right? Don’t you do that?” Hoda asked. She then went on to demonstrate how it works, gently smoothing out her hair with a soft, “I am soooo sorry.”

“You have to juice it a little,” she advised KLG. “You can’t go, ‘I’m really sorry. I didn’t know I was going 60 miles an hour in a 45.’”

But Kathie Lee disagreed, saying there were more effective methods for getting out of a ticket.

“I find the best way is to be extremely gracious, not flirting,” she said. “I would tell the truth in a very sincere way. I wouldn’t just go, ‘Gee, what am I in for, officer,” she said, elevating her voice and running her hands suggestively up her body and through her hair.

Watch out for these ladies, officers.


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