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Do kids spend too much time on electronic devices?

Nov. 26, 2013 at 12:35 PM ET

Video: In Today's chat with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Kathie Lee talks about going to dinner with her family and how surprised she was at how many kids in the restaurant were wearing headphones on their heads while their eyes were glued to their iPad screens the entire time they were there.

Long gone are the days when kids were satisfied to play with crayons when waiting at a restaurant — now killing time means playing on electronic devices.

Kathie Lee lamented how high-tech kids have become on Tuesday, recounting how much she used to enjoy watching her kids play with their toys when they were little and they went to dinner at a restaurant. But during a recent meal, KLG noticed how much things have changed when she saw two families eating lunch at a restaurant, and the kids were fully occupied with their iPads.

"Every child had on headphones and their own iPad, through the entire lunch," KLG said. "I'm not judging at all what the parents are doing, I just remember thinking, 'Oh my gosh how life has changed so much.'"

"I get why sometimes parents need quiet time and they want their child to do their thing, but I do think once the food is served, the headphones should come off, the iPad should go down, you should have conversation," Hoda said.

"We are more comfortable with technology than we are with human beings," said KLG. "And I think ultimately that's a dangerous thing.

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