Crying lion or grumpy ballerina: Who is the crankiest kid of all?

Oct. 26, 2012 at 3:17 PM ET

Kids are awesome and adorable, most of the time. But then there is the dark side that results in crabby, cranky temper tantrums, often at the most inopportune moments. Kids, we're sorry we are laughing at your pain, but we just can't help it -- you are just so damn cute when you are angry. Not all pouts are created equal, however. Out of the tots pictured below, who do you think expressed their frustration the best?



The crying lion and the frustrated pirate

It’s not such a Happy Halloween for these two tots from Newcastle, Wash. Mom Tina Palmer sent in this picture of her young ones making quite the stink on their stoop. “Make it stop,” the skeletal swashbuckler on the right seems to be saying. Kathie Lee decided: “It’s perfect.”




The grumpy ballerina

Virginia Wallace did not want to be stuck “Under the Sea” during Thursday’s DIY costumes segment. Shortly after her entrance, the 3-year-old abandoned her jellyfish costume's umbrella and flashed a very stern pout with arms crossed in defiance. The toddler's frown never wavered throughout her television debut — even as she was pulled off-stage by mom.



Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images /

The 'Frowning Flower Girl'

Who knew 3-year-old bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem would be the one to steal some of the spotlight away from Will and Kate on their wedding day? Little Grace was a bit bothered by the cheering crowd below the Buckingham Palace balcony and made no attempt to disguise her displeasure as the newlyweds went in for a kiss. From that moment on, she became the “Frowning Flower Girl,” a meme she's sure to be associated with long past childhood.



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