On the show

Couple making out knock KLG, Hoda 'Off Their Rockers'

Feb. 15, 2013 at 12:02 PM ET

It’s tough to have a serious discussion about keys to a successful relationship when two people are sucking face in front of you.

The Fourth Hour hosts were discussing what questions couples might ask themselves before deciding to get married – like whether you should establish a visit schedule with the in-laws. (“Who cares?” Hoda said. To which KLG replied: “That’s why you’re divorced.”)


That’s when the ladies noticed two audience members making out in front of them. Vigorously.

“What’s going on in that front row? What is that? Seriously – what is happening?” asked an incredulous Hoda. “What is happening? Do we know them?”

“They’re having a discussion, right?” suggested KLG.


The ladies then were told they were the victims of a hoax by cast members of “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers,” a hidden-camera prank show.

“You guys are so smart,” Hold exclaimed.


KLG said she would have recognized the crew if she had seen their faces first.

“Your face was someplace else, if you know what I mean,” Hoda said.

Eun Kyung Kim is a TODAY.com writer who often gets told she’s off her rocker, but not for the pranks she pulls.