Achoo! How do you stay germ-free when flying?

Sep. 10, 2012 at 1:10 PM ET

Get nervous when another airplane passenger has a cold? Well, buckle up: Apparently you should also be freaking out the whole time you're waiting to get ON the plane. According to new research by MIT, airports are just as teeming with germs, on account of all the enforced touching and sharing that goes on in them.

Frequent fliers Kathie Lee and Hoda lamented the study's findings, which found that the security line conveyor belts and airplane bathrooms were equally teeming with disease. After debating the merits of soaking oneself in a gallon of Purell, KLG exhibited a weird, zen-like sense of resignation.

"What good does it really do to know these kinds of things?" she said. "We know they're filthy so just try to be careful." Well, at least we know she'll never hole herself up in a mansion someplace, counting peas and obsessing about tray table bacteria.

Earlier in the show, Dr. Roshini Raj stopped by to show Al how to keep himself safe from air travel germs. Her tips included wiping everything down with disinfectant wipes, but maybe she's just trying to make Al look crazy:


How do you stay germ-free in an airport? Hand-sanitizer? Hazmat suit?

 Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor who will sometimes spill Skittles in an airport just to build up her immune system.

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