6-year-old gets suspended for singing a 'sexy' song

May 7, 2012 at 1:28 PM ET

A six-year-old in Colorado was booted from school last week after quoting LMFAO's chart-toping ear worm, "Sexy And I Know It," to a classmate. To be fair to the kid, it's pretty hard to get that song out of your head.

D'Avonte Meadows claims he only repeated the song's titular chorus while standing in line for lunch. When the first-grader was suspended on the grounds of sexual harassment and disturbing other students, his mother told a news team that she was "floored" at the somewhat drastic measure.

The child, his mom said, had said it once and been disciplined. It was when he repeated the offense that the school stepped in with a harsher punishment. The child's mom told 7 News in Denver that she'll sit with her son and "see if he understands exactly what the song means."  

“If the kid is told one time that it's wrong, you have an issue. If the kid does it right away again to the same girl, then you have a problem,” said Kathie Lee, during a TODAY discussion this morning about the incident. "That's how they grow up to be bad-behaving adults."

Hoda said little kids don't know what sexy means, and as KLG tried to continue the conversation about teaching kids what is and isn't appropriate, Hoda, a noted LMFAO expert (the eccentric pop duo have appeared on her iHoda Playlist), was more interested in grooving to the song. So Kathie Lee was forced to just roll her eyes and move on.


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Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor. She would only suspend a kid for singing that "Call Me Maybe" song.

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