10 things you didn't know about Bobbie Thomas

Aug. 3, 2012 at 2:11 PM ET

With Kathie Lee and Hoda on temporary Olympic hiatus, what better time to get to know the driving force behind the show? No, not Chianti: the wonderful staff of the Fourth Hour.

We'll be taking a look at 10 fun things you may not know about the KLG&H team. Today, we're getting to know our beloved style expert Bobbie Thomas a little better. Check back throughout the Olympics to get more fascinating behind-the-scenes info.

1. She has an unusual namesake.

I share a name with my dad, Bob. Although he is a Robert, my birth certificate reads Bobbie (funny, people always seem to ask me that). And it's silly, but I have a pet peeve about my name being spelled wrong (e.g., Bobbi, Bobby), especially in an email, because my email address requires you to spell it with an "ie"! LOL, I'll never understand.

2. Just call her "oddjob."

I baby-sat, had a paper route, and then couldn't wait until I was 14 for my work permit. My first "job" was at an Almacs supermarket as a checker.

3. Her surprising CV.

I studied Marriage, Family, & Child Counseling in grad school and worked as a rape crisis counselor and advocate for women's issues.

4. She orders in.

I'm a homebody. Although I travel a ton, my friends often joke, "Let me guess: food delivery and DVR?" when it comes to making plans. I'll pick a PJ party or game night with friends over a trendy hot spot every time.

5. She's got a sweet tooth.

I really love food, especially cupcakes and salted caramel anything. Oh, and truffle fries too! I would chase a Del's lemonade truck like a 5-year-old and make someone pull over at a Friendly's to have a Reese's Pieces sundae.

6. She's from a foodie family.

My mother, Fatima, and stepfather, Alexi, are chefs. I grew up in the family restaurant, a Greek-Portuguese place named Alexis in Northridge, California, helping to hostess, wait on tables, and of course, taste food.

7. She's a stylish dork.

I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek, and yes, a "Battlestar Galactica" fan. Maybe it started with the Jetsons: I still dream of Judy's magic machine that changes your hair, outfit, makeup, and nails with a push of a button.

8. Even mavens get self-conscious.

I'm insecure about my ears. They stick out like Dumbo, and I always try to cover them with my hair, which I prefer wearing up, which makes this a constant challenge.

9. She unwinds with hot glue.

I have a big craft-supply closet and like to DIY and paint for fun.

10. She's got freebies for you

It's likely that I'll greet you at my door with "Hi! Do you need exfoliating flip-flops? or "Know anyone who would want wine perfume?" I'm surrounded by lots of stuff because of work, but I have a hard time just getting rid of things -- so I try to play matchmaker. I'll go out of my way to *donate or pass things forward to people who can really use or will want the item. It's an ongoing cycle, which is why I also host tons of giveaways on Bobbie.com too.


*Although I once dropped off a huge collection of women's underwear and bras at a rescue mission, only to later learn it was a men's shelter.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor who also likes takeout and Battlestar above all else.


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