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updated 7/29/2005 11:58:12 AM ET 2005-07-29T15:58:12

It’s Christmas in July on NBC’s “Today” show!  All this week, during the hottest time of the year, we're surprising some well-deserving individuals and families with a little holiday cheer. Here’s a list of organizations and donors that took part in the series:

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Video: Violin brothers

Jean Carlos and Miguel Suarez are two brothers from the Bronx, N.Y., who play the violin. They are in the 5th and 7th grades and their dream is to one day become professional violinists. They began violin lessons three years ago through a non-profit program called Change for Kids. Miguel has one more year in the program and Jean Carlos has already graduated. The Suarez family was concerned that neither boy will be able to continue studying music.

Jean Carlos and Miguel Suarez
A year of private lessons from Change for Kids instructor Majid Khaliq as well as their very own violins.
Change for Kids
Jazz at Lincoln Center

Video: Biggest OU fan

Fifteen-year-old Katelyn Wilbanks from Catoosa, Okla. was born with spina bifida. She's had 54 surgeries, and last year her left leg was amputated.

Katelyn Wilbanks
Full scholarship to the University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma

Video: Home makeover WEDNESDAY
Tramelle Braxton lives in Richmond, Va., with her two children, Tatyana, 9, and Malik, 6.  Her husband, Earl, is in Virginia’s National Guard and was sent to Iraq last October. Fewer than two weeks later, the Braxton home started falling apart.

The Braxton family
Home makeover
USA Cares
JC Penney and Home Depot

On Thursday, the "Today" Show continued its series called "Christmas in July" at the Urban Assembly for Law & Justice High School in Brooklyn, N.Y. Principal Elana Karopkin has worked tirelessly to make this a strong Video: Brooklyn gets needed supplies academic environment for her 200 incoming students (9th and 10th grade) and we have been able to provide the following donations for her 11 classrooms.

Urban Assembly for Law & Justice High School in Brooklyn, N.Y.
School supplies
Shleppers Moving & Storage Company
Dell Computers
SMART Technologies, Inc.
NEC Solutions, Inc.
Bedford, Freeman, and Worth Publishers
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
Science Kits & Boreal Laboratories
Xerox Corporation
Office Max
US Markerboard, Inc.
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Tom and Linda Eckfeld have adopted 24 special needs children over the years. It all started when one of their three biological children came Video: Early Christmas for 18 adopted kids down with a life threatening virus.  Tom made a pact with God: “Save my daughter and I’ll spend the rest of my life helping other children.” He wasn't sure what he was getting himself into. Their daughter, Tricia, survived and thrived, and from that moment on, Tom and Linda have never refused to take in a child who needed them.

Tom and Linda Eckfeld
Medical supplies, basketball goal and court, bicycles, free car service for one year
American Medical Equipment
Sam's Club
Toys "R" Us
Mobility Works AJ Asphalt & Paving Company
Lifetime Products

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