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Only the very best is good enough for Mom....
By "Today" Style Editor
updated 4/22/2005 12:17:45 PM ET 2005-04-22T16:17:45

We all know it — moms deserve the best.

But as every Mother’s Day comes around, it seems to be more and more difficult to find just the right gift — one that’s thoughtful, personal, thankful and full of love, all in one package.

Looking for ideas? Read along with us for some presents that just might delight her, from her own outdoor pavilion (yes!) to custom-blended skin care and perfume.

It’s all right here in the latest edition of our weekly fashion and beauty update.

A herb farm: Decorative and useful.

The kitchen garden
A bouquet of flowers provides a week or so of beauty — but a garden will bring years of delight, all year ’round. Consider a miniature herb garden for Mom this year, and she’ll think of you every time she pinches off an herb for cooking or relaxes with some lemonade garnished with fresh mint. These gardens are widely available in specially decorated planters from most major garden retailers, or you can create your own by picking up a few seedlings and designing your own container.

Trend Tip:
If your mom favors a special style of cooking or a specific cuisine, you can select your kitchen garden to reflect her interests — herbs de Provence for the meat and chicken lover or more-exotic herbs for the culinary adventurer. Throw in a cookbook for the ultimate gift package.

Home (not far) away from home....

Home sweet home
Looking for something REALLY different for Mom’s special treat? How about her very own outdoor pavilion, courtesy of famed designer Michael Graves? Working in partnership with Target, he offers three designs that you customize yourself online. They’ll turn her backyard into a stylish escape in no time flat. If that’s a little too adventurous, you can find many hip and well-priced home accessories collections from famed interior designers at Target and other mass retailers.

Trend Tip:
Who’s hot? Look no further than the stylish vases, candlesticks and objects you will find from designer Jonathan Adler. His quirky, whimsical style has taken the fashion world by storm, and you'll also find him dabbling in everything from lacquer picture frames to needlepoint pillows.

Coral is both timeless and trendy.

Trendy but timeless
No need to associate moms with wear-them-forever pearls. On the other hand, you don’t want jewelry that’ll be out-of-style in a fashionista minute. The answer: Coral, a timeless stone that can be worn year after year. It also happens to be red-hot right now, and it’s complementary with practically every skin tone as well as neutral-colored fashions! For the most longevity, choose a jewelry item that won’t look dated quickly, such as drop earrings, a bangle bracelet or a beaded necklace.

Trend Tip:
Not into coral? Other timeless options include mother-of-pearl, chalcedony, gold or bamboo. If you want Mom to be in on the latest trends, wood and turquoise are “it.”

Tea anyone?

Tea time
There are still a lot of grande mocha lattes being drunk, but did you know that teas are the hip new drink of choice? You can jump on the trend ahead of time with the gift of tea or a tea service — classic, thoughtful and right back in style! Encourage Mom to take a “tea break” and give herself the gift of thoughtful, reflective time every day.

Trend Tip:
Exotic teas are particularly trendy. Take Mom around the world with a selection of teas from every country, or focus on a particular herb or scent that she likes. You can even address a specific issue such as insomnia, stress or fatigue with specially crafted teas infused with ingredients to tackle those problems.

Custom-make a perfume for Mom.

Signature beauty
Cosmetics and perfumes are always a go-to gift; but, how to make it special? We suggest you opt for custom-blended products this year. First, check your local stores for custom beauty offers, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, Reflect.com is one site that specializes in creating custom cosmetics, skin-care products and fragrances. Unique, just like Mom.

Trend Tip:
For the ultimate feel-good beauty gift, treat Mom to her own custom-blended perfume. She can work with a perfumier — long distance — and direct the creation of her own fragrance with companies such as Aftelier.com.

Judy Gordon is a New York-based style consultant and the “Today” show’s style editor. She has been covering the fashion and beauty beat for the past decade. To learn more about Gordon, you can visit her Web site, TheTrendReport.com, which highlights style trends in America and across the world.

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