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Winter weather and central heating can dry out your skin.
By "Today" Style Editor
updated 5/6/2005 3:57:44 PM ET 2005-05-06T19:57:44

What better time to “spring-clean” your skin than … at the start of spring?!

And with at-home skin care products and “treatments” improving every day, you really owe it to yourself to take a look at how easy it is both to prevent signs of aging and improve your skin.

To help, we’ve rounded up the latest hydrating, plumping, peeling and smoothing products to create a new, younger-looking you!

It’s all here in the latest edition of our weekly fashion and beauty update.

French fashion house Chanel has joined the moisturizer bandwagon.

Drink it in!
Unless you’re lucky enough to live in tropical climes, your winter-weary skin is starved … for water! That’s right, the reason it looks dry, distressed, reddened and unhappy right now is that it’s just been through a long, parched winter. A slew of new skin care products focus on this all-important rescue mission. A few we love: Erno Laszlo’s pHormula No. 3-9, which promises to improve your skin’s hydration by 98 percent within two weeks (a little pricey, but worth every penny); or try L’Occitane’s 24-Hour Ultra Rich Face Cream, which packs concentrated shea butter (a natural moisturizer from West Africa) into a neat, little moisturizing package.

Trend Tip:
Want to go all-out with an ultra-hydrating skin care regimen? Chanel has just introduced their Systeme Hydratation La Crème Nourishing Cleansing Gel plus two moisture-balancing treatments to work with it: Hydramax + Serum and Hydramax Moisture Boost Cream.

Another French house, Darphin, is a leader in anti-aging remedies.

Fountain of youth
The competition among skin care companies is fierce to differentiate products that promise to reverse aging effects. We are most intrigued at the moment by the approach of a French company, Darphin. Because skin becomes thinner and stretches with age (thus creating wrinkles and fine lines), Darphin’s anti-age treatments have been designed to protect against this process while firming, plumping and restructuring the skin to improve its appearance. Made from all-natural ingredients, Predermine Cream, Serum and Mask represent the next generation in skin treatment.

Trend Tip:
To fight age spots and wrinkles, Estee Lauder has just introduced Perfectionist [CP+] with Poly-Collagen Peptides Correcting Serum for Lines/Wrinkles/Age Spots. Or go for StriVectin-SD, a best-selling, American-made anti-stretch mark cream frequently used to fight wrinkles as well. This product has become the number one anti-age treatment in beauty-conscious France.

Erno Laszlo
This potion, from Erno Laszlo, promises to give an eye "lift" — sans surgery.

As the crow(feet) flies
Wouldn’t you love to eliminate “crow’s feet” from your list of worries — without surgery? If you’ve ever stretched your under-eye area in the mirror to see what you would look like with a little help from a surgeon: 1) Stop doing that, because it causes even more damage to your skin and 2) Focus on the delicate tissues of the under-eye area with at-home treatment products designed to combat those particular fine lines and wrinkles. Two to try: Erno Laszlo’s Antioxidant Complex for Eyes, which “lifts” the eye area, reduces puffiness and the appearance of dark circles, and plumps and hydrates the skin; or Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Plump Perfect Eye Moisture Cream SPF 15. And, remember — always wear sunblock, indoors and out!

Trend Tip:
If you travel frequently, you will love the Jet Set Travel Set from holistic healer Dr. Hauschka. This compact set includes a botanically balanced hand cream, a skin toner, a facial toner, a mask and the best-selling “Eye Solace” cream for those on the “glam” go.

Descartes it ain't, but Philosophy's home skin treatment is something to think about.

Most appealing
For a fresh new start, consider one of the new spa-quality, at-home peels. A peel is a great way to remove dull and dry skin. Like their medical counterparts, today’s at-home peels are gentle and non-abrasive. They can be infused with naturally healing vitamins and minerals, or you can look for the inclusion of alpha-hydroxy or other treatments to smooth and lighten the skin. New from Philosophy: the Microdelivery Peel Kit, which exfoliates the skin and then rejuvenates it with Vitamin C and peptides. Or consider Juice Green Apple Peel AHA Enzyme Treatment, which is made from 12 percent “real fruit” alpha-hydroxyl acids and enriched with vitamins A, C and E. 

Trend Tip: 
If you’d like to work your way up to a peel, try a little daily exfoliation. For dry skin, you may want to try Good Skin Polished Skin Gentle Exfoliator, now available at Kohl’s stores nationwide.

You always prime before you paint, so why not put on some undercoat before the main makeup?

Prep school
Just when you thought you had the art of makeup mastered, along comes a whole new category. Say “hello” to the “skin primer,” which is applied after cleansing and moisturizing but before foundation or other makeup. This “undercoat” functions as an extra layer of protection for the skin, so it may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and/or contain a level of sun protection. It also contains ingredients to help makeup glide on easily and stay on. Try Paula Dorf’s Perfect Primer (available for dry or oily complexions), Diane von Furstenberg’s Canvas Botanical Primer & Treatment or Makeup Primer from Nars.

Trend Tip:
If your skin is reddish, sallow or marked with veins or imperfections, you might want to consider a color-tinted primer. They are designed to counterbalance ruddiness, sallow tones and the like, and are applied under foundation. We love Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer from Smashbox.

Judy Gordon is a New York-based style consultant and the “Today” show’s style editor. She has been covering the fashion and beauty beat for the past decade. To learn more about Gordon, you can visit her Web site, TheTrendReport.com, which highlights style trends in America and across the world.

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