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IMAGE: Elton John
John Hayes  /  Reuters
Elton John says the Bush administration is the worst thing to ever happen to America.
updated 11/18/2004 2:36:04 AM ET 2004-11-18T07:36:04

Another day, another Elton John outburst — and this one was directed at George W. Bush.

In recent weeks, the Rocket Man has exploded at a variety of targets, including Madonna and Taiwanese photographers . Now he’s taken aim at the newly re-elected president, calling him “the worst thing that has ever happened to America.”

“I’ve never lived in a time that’s been so vexing,” John told the British mag, Time Out. “I just wanna scream. It’s a nightmare. Bush and this administration are the worst thing that has ever happened to America.”

John also blasted British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bush’s biggest international ally in the Iraq war. “I’m just as angry with Tony Blair. You lied to us, Tony.  . . . It was like: these idiots think they can get away with anything.  . . .  I voted for Tony. He’s basically a nice guy. What happened? Is it because power does that thing to you, that you isolate yourself? It enrages me that people can just smirk their way through it.”

No book for Diana Ross?

Looks like Diana Ross isn’t ready to tell all.

The diva signed a megabucks deal last year with Regan Books to write her autobiography, but a source says she’s changed her mind. “Upside Down: Wrong Turns, Right Turns and the Road Ahead” was supposed to deal with such topics as Ross’ arrest for drunken driving, the breakup of her marriage and her disastrous Supremes reunion. It’s listed for sale on Amazon.com with a January 2005 pub date, but now an insider says Ross has “changed her mind” and doesn’t want to discuss such things.

“There’s a disagreement between [Regan Books] and Ross about what belongs in the book and what doesn’t,” says the source. “She was supposed to tell all, but she kept  saying she doesn’t want to get into anything unpleasant, and kept going on about how that’s all in the past.”

The insider says there’s a discussion about whether Ross will return the advance or write another book instead. A rep for Reagan Books said that the pub date has been pushed forward “indefinitely” — but had no further details. Ross’s spokeswoman told The Scoop, “She’s still in discussions about the direction of the book and no decision has been made.”

Notes from all over

IMAGE: Madonna
Jo Hale  /  Getty Images file
Madonna is hoping to turn her best-selling children’s book, “The English Roses,” into a film, and is looking to get it into production by the end of the year. Despite rumors to the contrary, however, she told MTV Europe that she has no plans to appear in her hubby Guy Ritchie's upcoming film “Revolver.”  . . . Kevin Costner blew up at new wife, Christine, after she went on a shopping spree in Paris, reports the Sydney telegraph. “Do you know how much our wedding cost,” the notoriously frugal “Dances With Wolves” star reportedly asked. . . . . Anouska de Georgiou needs to practice her schmoozing skills. The socialite turned actress botched it when she met Miramax head Harvey Weinstein at a London restaurant. “Someone introduced us and I thought his name was Harry Winstone or something,” the “Alfie” actress told the London Daily Mail. “I didn’t recognize him, so I asked him what he did and he said, ‘I’m in movies.’ I said, ‘Wow, so am I! We should meet up some time. I know loads of people out in LA!’ At this point, he very sweetly smiled, and turned away.”

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