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IMAGE: Madonna
Heidi Levine - Pool  /  AP
The Egyptian Parliament is not too thrilled about the idea of Madonna visiting.
updated 9/27/2004 2:38:25 AM ET 2004-09-27T06:38:25

Looks like Madonna’s call for world peace has hit a rough patch.

Egyptian Parliament wants to ban the singer from entering the country. Members of parliament have asked the government not to grant Madonna any visas into Egypt and to forbid her from performing or shooting any of her videos there, according to the Egyptian paper Albawaba.

The proposed ban apparently is related to Madonna’s devotion to Kabbalah, a mystical offshoot of Judaism, and to Madonna’s recent pilgrimage to Israel to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

“On a similar note, Arab Parliament member, Ahmad Al Taibi, in the Israeli Knesset, turned down an invitation from Madonna to an event she held after she showed inconsideration for the sufferings of Palestinians, especially children, under the occupation of Israeli soldiers,” noted Albawaba. “Ahmad had stressed that he wished the singer would try and learn from other international stars like Richard Gere and Julie Christie who came to the occupied lands and showed their support for the suffering of Palestinians.”

Madonna’s rep didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Not marriage-minded

IMAGE: Jolie
Reuters/gene Blevins
Angelina Jolie says she’ll never marry again. The “Alexander” star, who was wed to Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Miller, says she realizes she may not be the marrying kind. She’s too busy trying to help the world.

“Maybe who I am as a woman isn’t somebody that can be the great partner and wife and also do the things that I want to do, be as dedicated and as in love with that world as I am,” Jolie says, reports World Entertainment News Network. “Maybe I was more in love with the world than my husbands and my dedication was more to people I didn’t know.”

Jolie says she’s comfortable — though not thrilled — with the idea of being a single mom. “I’ve come to realize there’s a very strong possibility I might be raising my children by myself and have great lovers and friends ... and that’s sad,” she said. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t want to be leaving for a trip with a backpack on, with Mad [her son Maddox], and see somebody standing at the door.”

Notes from all over

IMAGE: Clooney, Snowdon
Kevin Winter  /  Getty Images file
Lisa Snowdon (left, with Clooney) says that the long distance between her and sweetie George Clooney will likely doom their relationship — again. Snowdon, who broke up with the actor then got back together with him earlier this year, told the Scottish Daily Record that the relationship “fizzled out” the first time because they were so far apart and says it will “probably” happen again.   . . . Snowdon also says that when she and Clooney spent time vacationing in Italy with Brad Pitt and his wife, Jennifer Aniston, she was jealous of Aniston’s figure. “She didn’t exercise once and her body was just amazing,” said Snowdon. “And she ate, ate, ate pasta.”  . .  .Toni Collette nixes rumors that the egocentric blonde actress she plays in “The Last Shot” is based on a specific, egocentric blonde actress. She says it’s based on all of them. “I see them everywhere,” Collette told DarkHorizons.com. “And I wanted to make it as much fun as possible.”

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