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updated 9/14/2004 10:21:54 PM ET 2004-09-15T02:21:54

PBS took eight awards at the annual news and documentary Emmys. NBC’s Tom Brokaw, who will stop anchoring “Nightly News” this fall, was presented with a lifetime achievement award.

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ABC and The History Channel each won five Emmys, CBS won four and Cinemax won three. The prizes were awarded Monday night by the National Television Academy at the 25th annual ceremony, held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

The ceremony will be telecast on the Discovery Times Channel on Sept. 25.

The winners:

Coverage of breaking news story in a regular newscast:
“NBC Nightly News” for “In Their Own Words: Baghdad Battle with Craig White.”

Coverage of continuing news story in a regular newscast:
“CBS News Sunday Morning” for “Superpower.”

Feature story in a regular newscast:
“CBS News Sunday Morning” for “Heart of the Country.”

Investigative journalism in a regular newscast:
ABC’s “World News Tonight” for “Memories of Tiger Force.”

Coverage of a breaking news story in a newsmagazine:
“Dateline NBC” for “The Long Way Home.”

Coverage of a continuing story in a newsmagazine:
ABC’s “Primetime Thursday” for “Columbia Final Mission.”

Feature story in a newsmagazine:
ABC’s “Nightline” for “War in Iraq: Fox 2/5.”

Investigative journalism in a newsmagazine:
CBS’ “60 Minutes” for “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Coverage of a current news story (long form):
PBS’ “Nova” for “Battle of the X-Planes.”

Investigative journalism (long form):
PBS’ “Frontline” for “Burden of Innocence.”

Informational programming (long form):
PBS for “Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History.”

Historical programming (long form):
PBS’ “The American Experience” for “The Center of the World (New York, Episode 8).”

CBS’ “60 Minutes II” and Scott Pelley for “The Man Who Knew.”

Cultural and Artistic Programming:
“Cinemax Reel Life” for “Spellbound.”

Science, technology and nature programming:
PBS’ “The American Experience” for “The Pill” and MSNBC’s “National Geographic Explorer” for “Wolf Pack.”

Story in a regular newscast:
ABC’s “World News Tonight” for “Iraq: Where Things Stand.”

Newsmagazine report:
PBS’ “NOW with Bill Moyers” for “Inside the Pentagon.”

PBS’ “Independent Lens” for “Be Good, Smile Pretty.”

Don Campbell for The History Channel’s “Russia: Land of the Tsars.”

Dan Setton and Helmar Buechel for “Cinemax Reel Life” and “In the Name of God: Scenes from the Extreme.”

Lee Hirsch and Sherry Simpson Dean for “Cinemax Reel Life” and “Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony.”

Scott Duncan for The History Channel’s “Blood from a Stone” and David and Carol Hughes for MSNBC’s “National Geographic Explorer” and “Killer Cats of the Kalahari.”

Paula Apsell, Joseph McMaster, Julia Cort, David Hickman, Melanie Wallace and Andrea Cross of PBS’ “Nova” for “The Elegant Universe with Brian Greene.”

Graphic and artistic design:
Dale Myers for ABC’s “Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy.”

Music and sound:
Composer Rick Krizman and sound engineer Jim Faraci for The History Channel’s “April 1865,” and composers Andy Bush and David Gale and sound designer Chris King for The History Channel’s “Days That Shook the World: Hiroshima.”

Lighting direction and scenic design:
Lighting director Ray Brislin for The History Channel’s “LBJ vs. the Kennedys: Chasing Demons,” and scenic designer David Allen for TLC’s “Living with Bugs: Close Encounters.”

International, news coverage:
ITN’s Channel Four News (United Kingdom) for “The Madrid Bombing.”

Regional news story, spot news:
WTVF-TV for “A Mother’s Standoff” and KUSA-TV for “One Time on I-25.”

Regional news story, investigative reporting:
WLS-TV for “The Worst Case Scenario.”

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