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It’s no surprise that the City that Never Sleeps is also a mecca for entrepreneurs and startups with drive to spare. When it comes to getting things off the ground, the east coast go-to hot spot has been and always will be New York City.

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However, even in Manhattan there’s a cream of the crop, and that means there are a few startups you really need to keep an eye on in 2014. Maybe you’re an up-and-coming investor, on the hunt for the perfect summer internship (just watch that NYC heat) or need some inspiration to get your own idea off the ground.

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1. Spoiler alert! Everyone has had it happen to them: For some reason you missed an event or favorite TV show and are doing your best to avoid social media (and social interaction in general) until you can curl up in your own time and indulge. With DontRuin.It, available on Google Chrome, you can “keep your favorite things from being ruined by those who talk too much on social media.” It’s basically like pressing mute so you can be sure that key words and phrases won’t grace your Facebook or Twitter feed until you’ve seen it for yourself. So go ahead and go to your grandpa’s birthday party instead of staying in for the season finale. DontRuin.it was created by entrepreneur Troy Osinoff.

2. Feeling pigeonholed? Archetypes are epitomes of certain personalities and can help you see likenesses in others that you relate to. Maybe you’re the ultimate caretaker or risk taker, or maybe you harbor other qualities that haven’t been discovered (yet). With Archetypes, you can instantly pigeonhole yourself (in a good way) into a community of others with similar characteristics and get access to content and videos based on your quiz results.

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3. Get those creative juices flowing. Paper was FiftyThree’s pet project that earned the title of Apple’s App of the Year, but there’s so much more in store. This is the ultimate tool for creativity, bringing a digital revolution to notebooks and journals. Users can draw, color and graph to their heart's content on a tablet, complete with user-friendly tools that don’t restrict, but encourage creation.

4. Tired of Match.com and OkCupid? Think there’s nothing new in the world of online dating anymore? You haven’t tried Grouper, which matches two separate groups of friends using information that’s taken from Facebook (in other words, you don’t have to fill out yet another witty profile). Then, Grouper sets up a blind group date in the real world that matches your interests and provides an atmosphere to get those sparks flying.

5. Say cheese? You have your camera, and then you have a hyper-intelligent sensor that can instantly store real data such as gender, age and attention time. This breakthrough software, IMRSV’s Cara, is revolutionary in data analysis and “lets you turn any camera into an intelligent sensor.” The accuracy is phenomenal.

These are just a few of the startups making a serious name in New York that should be on your radar. Maybe they’ll be in the need for an angel investor or new employee soon.

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