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Video: Refresh yourself with spring cocktails

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    >>> though it may not feel like it in all parts of the country, spring is officially here. time to switch out the cold weather cocktails for something more refreshing.

    >> l.a. tourism bureau teamed up to bring us dan vickrey , one of the hottest mixologists on the whole west coast .

    >> we're lucky.

    >> yeah.

    >> i'm lucky.

    >> thank you for being here bringing us a little spring cocktail. what you got?

    >> we're starting with the drink inspired by spring in l.a. the sun is coming out. we're happy, we're excited.

    >> you have the sun out all winter long.

    >> we had two days of rain. we're always celebrating. this is a champagne sangria, we're starting with some gin, we have got some litchi and elder flower liqueur and cognac and top it off with champagne.

    >> okay.

    >> get some fresh berries in there.

    >> okay.

    >> all right.

    >> okay. and what do you call this?

    >> this is spring sangria.

    >> okay.

    >> great one if you're having brunch, you can have everything --

    >> it is beautiful. visually very pretty.

    >> wow. has a kick. that gin really --

    >> elder berry thing.

    >> you can sweeten it up if you would like.

    >> this one?

    >> this one is our bold rose. this is inspired by new york, rose is your state flower .

    >> it is?

    >> we didn't know.

    >> we'll have you two making one. we have your vodka and we're adding rose water .

    >> in here?

    >> yes. in here.

    >> rose water .

    >> we're adding some orange and vanilla liqueur. some lemon juice and white cranberry juice .

    >> white cranberry juice , okay.

    >> shake it up?

    >> shake it up, sister.

    >> this is the best part.

    >> i didn't wear the right bra for this.

    >> okay.

    >> i like the air guitar shake. little booty shake. all right, we'll pour it on.

    >> okay.

    >> and top it off with an edible flower .

    >> which ones are edible?

    >> they're all edible.

    >> cheers.

    >> cheers, dan vickrey , that's your real name. nice.

    >> what's the last one?

    >> the last drink is -- you're both from washington, d.c., we always think of congressmen having a dark drink, the end of a five-hour shift. we already mixed together whiskey. we have an orange flavored cognac and we're going to add some bitters. a spoonful of syrup from brandy cherries.

    >> do you go to college to become a mixologist.

    >> i became a mixologist because i went to college.

    >> okay.

    >> some orange and cherry and --

    >> wow.

    >> we have our brand-new old-fashioned --

    >> a brand-new old-fashioned.

    >> thank you so much.

    >> cheers.

    >> happy spring.

    >> thank you very much.

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updated 3/21/2014 10:57:10 AM ET 2014-03-21T14:57:10

Recipe: Spring sangria

  • 3/4 oz gin
  • 3/4 oz St. Germain
  • 3/4 oz cognac

Serve over ice in Bordeaux glass and top with champagne and fresh berries.

Recipe: Bold Rose

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz Cointreau
  • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • 1 oz white cranberry juice
  • 1/2 oz rose water

Shaken and served in a martini glass with a flower garnish

Recipe: New old fashioned

  • 2 oz whiskey
  • 1 oz grand marnier
  • 1/2 luxardo cherry juice
  • 3/4 antica sweet vermouth
  • Splash bitters

Stirred and served on the rocks with luxardo cherry and orange peel.

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How many stars would you give the dish? If you made changes, tell us how you customized it.

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