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Video: Colin Cowie shares his Oprah party secrets

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    >>> we mentioned earlier, oprah celebrating a milestone birthday, one of more than 4 million americans turning 60 this year.

    >> and if you want to throw a party like oprah or a rock star , entertaining and lifestyle expert colin cowie has planned oprah 's parties for many, many years. good morning. we've got to start by saying, though, oprah 's party has been postponed.

    >> we spent seven months planning this amazing party and when the guest list was north of 450 people, she decided not to go ahead with it.

    >> oh, no.

    >> but her best friend threw her 50th birthday party , throwing an 80th birthday party .

    >> maybe you'll take some of this design.

    >> this is quite lovely.

    >> tell us about this theme. i notice the colors are gorgeous.

    >> the color scheme here is nude champagne and oyster, which is very beautiful.

    >> elegant.

    >> and i think the big take here is the runner. i think it makes it elegant, very inexpensive to do. i found these at home depot . less than $12 for the entire table.

    >> the tiles here.

    >> and it reflects everything so beautifully.

    >> you line them in the middle of the table.

    >> right down the middle of the table.

    >> and you layer with the flowers.

    >> layer with the flowers. all the flowers are very low and see very clearly across the table. there's one flower per vase and each vase has a vintage collected feeling. this is a signature one.

    >> that's gorgeous. is that an orchid?

    >> so you put it inside of a very beautifully --

    >> what flowers do you like this time of year?

    >> roses are not very expensive, tulips are not very expensive. the roses.

    >> perfect.

    >> and it's all very low and lots and lots of candles.

    >> lots of candles.

    >> and you want to be able to have a conversation with someone across the way.

    >> always lower than 12 inches .

    >> now, tell us about the place settings.

    >> the place settings are gold and i wanted everything to be transparent and very elegant. so all of this is rentable. the glasses and the flatware. one thing we love to do, and oprah 's a stickler about making sure that every guest is sitting next to the right person.

    >> nice.

    >> and i've seen her spend literally hours in a room over a guest list agonizing making sure the right person is seated next to the right person. a sign of a great host.

    >> it is. when you have 450 people you're planning on inviting. that's a lot of organizing. the other thing i think we have to dim the lights we can get this special effect . this is a really cool idea.

    >> goes under the table, i put these common lanterns. i found these at home depot , you can use them year round and gives the table a beautiful, wonderful soft glow.

    >> that is lovely. and adds such an intimacy.

    >> it is. and makes it look very glamorous.

    >> and there's always a colin cowie signature cocktail.

    >> i do take credit for introducing oprah to tequila. this is the breakfast version of a wonderful cocktail we like to serve at the parties.

    >> wow. what is that? cocoa?

    >> chocolate. chocolate. i'm going to put these over here. we actually walk around the dance floor with these just like this.

    >> oh, cool.

    >> and this is the morning version. there's no tequila in this one.

    >> come on.

    >> it's guaranteed to keep you dancing for hours.

    >> alcohol?

    >> there's no tequila in this one.

    >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to walk into a segment.

    >> this is the mock version of it.

    >> absolutely.

    >> this is so lovely.

    >> this is great.

    >> it's nice.

    >> this will buy you another two hours on the dance floor .

    >> the beautiful decor and the decorations, the flowers, i believe there's somebody --

    >> yes, helping us put together flowers. that's the pieces we made. look how beautiful.

    >> oh, that's tasty. just inhaled it. thank you.

    >> happy birthday .

    >> happy birthday , oprah . thank you, colin. we are back with much more on a wednesday morning.

    >> interesting.

    >> that's good.

    >> thank you, colin.

    >> we're back after your local news and weather.

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