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Video: Cozy up with pork osso bucco with apple cider

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    >> with the new year comes plenty of resolutions. always high on the list, getting in better shape.

    >> she is the fitness expert and creator of the 12 week body transformation program and can get you started by calculating your fitness age.

    >> happy new year.

    >> happy new year to you too.

    >> what's your fitness age?

    >> a calculation based on how effectively your body uses oxygen. so the more effective the younger your age. it's a great indicator of your overall health.

    >> better than bmi?

    >> yes. we're looking at calculations from your waistline, your activity and resting heart rate and your age.

    >> we're going to share a little information. you started with me. i'm 56 years old. i told you about waistline and i told you about how often i workout. so what is my fitness age?

    >> okay, matt, well, your real age is 56.

    >> thanks for repeating that.

    >> you train very regularly and your resting pulse rate is at 60. so that's pretty good. your fitness age is 37.

    >> wow.

    >> wow.

    >> how good is that.

    >> very nice.

    >> so if i want to keep it at 37, idris is here, show him what exercises to do.

    >> okay. you're going to do a lot of training so i'm going to incorporate good core exercises for you basically because we know that the waist circumstance is big on making sure the fitness age stays low. i want to make sure you keep that waistline the way it. i'm up next. my real age is 37. i workout really 4 to 5 times a week.

    >> which is my fitness age.

    >> i noticed that. do you think mine is going to be 56. so what's the big reveal on mine. i'm a little nervous here.

    >> okay. this is a really good number. i'm really happy for you because you're about to find out that you're 19.

    >> i'm not even legal.

    >> not even legal. this is a great number. you're sitting in the category under 20.

    >> there's no way we're in the same category. and i do this for a living. you're doing a lot of training so i have given you one of my favorite and harder exercises. it's called a thruster. incorporate this into your training. take your feet shoulder width apart and squat and press simultaneously. why is this a hard exercise? because you use every major muscle group in your body.

    >> and i'm not coordinated.

    >> it keeps the heart rate working hard and all of these things are going to help keep your fatness age low which you're already doing all good things.

    >> thank you.

    >> now it goes downhill.

    >> al, i'm so excited for you. let's do this.

    >> okay. i'm 59. i workout two to three time as a week and my resting pulse is 62.

    >> this is great resting pulse rate. your real age is 59. your fitness age is 53.

    >> wow.

    >> that's pretty good.

    >> al, that's fantastic. clearly you're already training and you have done good work to get yourself into good shape now. 5 years of age. well done. i'm going to give you an exercise that incorporates strength work for your core as well as your back. you jump into a plank position. you may have seen this already. using your dumbbells already your core is working but you can now beef up the training by working the back muscles.

    >> i'm going to hire somebody to do that for me.

    >> give it a shot.

    >> come on.

    >> you can do this. i'm excited for you.

    >> oh my gosh. you're a natural. you're a natural.

    >> all right. real fast. real fast.

    >> my age is 37. you got the rest of it. how did i do? we should be clear i have a new baby --

    >> come on now, i'm a brick wall .

    >> you didn't actually have the baby.

    >> your fitness age peter is 31.

    >> not so bad.

    >> that's great.

    >> yeah.

    >> i think you should be really happy with that. you're a young guy. you're fit. you're healthy. i think you can get it down to 29.

    >> right now?

    >> maybe not right now but in time. so the exercise i gave you is a cardiovascular exercise . great for your lower body. i would suggest you can go higher than this step up and down if you're using a low step you go fast.

    >> idris , come on.

    >> no, i'm good.

    >> we're going to get that fitness age down.

    >> michelle, thank you so much. this was a lot of fun. idris nice job. good sport. up next, something we can really use today, a warm hearty meal that goes perfectly with all the snow. but first, this is "today" on nbc.

    >> what is my real age?

    >>> beautiful shot there. back at 8:48. this morning on today's kitchen, it's the perfect dish for a cold snowy day like this. he's the chef at partner just a little north of new york city . you have excellent timing.

    >> thank you. great to be here.

    >> we are making today pork.

    >> tell me about the dish. it smells and looks wonderful. people maybe familiar with it.

    >> it's a simple braise that it's the calf. below the knee above the foot. it gets soft and beautiful and delicious and it's an easy winter braise for a cold day like today.

    >> for someone that's never braised before, walk us through it.

    >> it's the chef version of what a crock pot does. you take a cut that has a lot of g gelatin.

    >> it could be pork belly or cheeks. that's out there but it's something we do. pork osso bucco and the two main indiana sta ingredients.

    >> garlic.

    >> and a little apple cider as our base liquid.

    >> apple cider .

    >> and then half and half with a little bit of chicken broth and this goes in the oven and you can forget about it for awhile.

    >> i like the forget about it. you have a good hour or so at least? maybe two hours.

    >> we do this in the oven covered at 3:25 for two hours.

    >> you go outside and you play in the snow a little bit and you come back.

    >> that's it. th then you have this. this beautiful, tender, falling off the bone . and in the liquid which doesn't look all the that appetizing but you take them out at this point and reduce the liquid down and you get this beautiful, beautiful glaze.

    >> move on to pot number three.

    >> that's gorgeous.

    >> the apple cider has a lot of residual sugar . it caramelizing down you get this syrupy liquid.

    >> and we're going to serve it.

    >> absolutely.

    >> it's a little bit. it's kind of -- its a 6 to 1 ratio of liquid to cornmeal. we use a local grain and cornmeal.

    >> that's beautiful.

    >> it's a little bit heavy so we like to lighten it up.

    >> i'm going to let you tell me this before we let you go.

    >> apples, parsely, a little bit of any green you like. lemon juice .

    >> a little pepper.

    >> a little pepper. mix it up.

    >> you throw that on top.

    >> yeah. it makes it nice and light.

    >> gives it color.

    >> gives it a little bit of color.

    >> that's great. what time is dinner?

    >> right now.

    >> perfect. we'll give it a

TODAY recipes
updated 1/2/2014 4:15:13 PM ET 2014-01-02T21:15:13

Recipe: Pork osso bucco with apple cider and gremolata

  • For pork osso bucco:
  • 4 pork shanks cut cross length two inches thick
  • 3 cloves garlic chopped
  • 1 small sweet onion, brunoise
  • 3 cups apple cider
  • 3 cups chicken or pork stock
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • For gremolata:
  • One apple sliced into matchsticks
  • Fresh horseradish for grating
  • Four Sprigs flat leaf parsley picked

For the pork osso bucco:

Season the shanks with salt and pepper. In a large Dutch oven on med-high heat, add enough canola oil to cover the bottom of the pan.  Sear until golden brown and remove.   Don't get discouraged if they don't sear evenly as the marrow bone can get in the way sometimes.

Drain off the excess oil. Add the garlic and onions. Sauté for a minute or until translucent. Add the shanks back in along with the stock and cider. The shanks should be almost fully submerged. Cover and throw into a 325 degree oven for 2 1/2 hours or until fork tender.

When deemed tender, gently remove the braise and once again, on high flame, reduce the liquid to nappe or glaze consistency. Add the shanks back to the glaze and spoon the delicious sauce over them.

For the gremolata:

Mandolin sliced apples into thin matchsticks.  Finely grate the horseradish. In a small mixing bowl, incorporate the apples, horseradish, and parsley. Gently toss with a dash of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Place on top of the shanks as a refreshing garnish.

Recipe: Creamy polenta

  • 1 cup coarse corn polenta
  • 3 cups vegetable, pork or chicken stock
  • 3 cups whole milk

Gently heat the liquid in a sauce pot over medium heat until almost to a simmer. Gently whisk in the cornmeal and stir vigorously for about a minute. Then lower the heat to as low as possible and continue to stir every five or so minutes until the meal is soft and creamy

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How many stars would you give the dish? If you made changes, tell us how you customized it.

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