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IMAGE: Pitt, Aniston
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Will Pitt and Aniston soon be parents?
updated 6/15/2004 12:27:22 PM ET 2004-06-15T16:27:22

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

Rumors are heating up that the former “Friends” star and her hunky hubby Brad Pitt are expecting their first child.

“This is something that both Brad and Jennifer want,” a source told The Scoop. “Expect an announcement later this month.” Aniston’s ex-co-star, Courtney Cox Arquette and her husband David had a daughter, Coco , this week.

“I keep hearing that rumor,” Aniston’s rep told The Scoop last Wednesday. He said he would check into it and call back and since then, hasn’t returned our repeated calls.

Tough Love

Nick Ut  /  pool via AP file
Looks like Courtney Love will be spending more time in courtrooms than in concert halls.

The troubled rocker — who lately has been facing drug charges, a custody battle, and accusations that she has assaulted people — has been canceling concert gigs.

A notice on the web site for Lupos of Providence, Rhode Island, announcing the cancellation, cited Love’s “Legal Problems,” and a posting at the Stone Pony, in Asbury Park, New Jersey, announcing the indefinite postponement of her June 22 concert “wishes Courtney Love all the best through this difficult time.”

Sighed one fan, “Lately, Courtney’s life has been the show.”

Notes from all over

IMAGE: Jones
Fred Prouser  /  Reuters file
Star Jones doesn’t believe in understatement. The co-host of “The View” is getting married, and is saying that she will have at least a dozen bridesmaids. Jones and her gossiped-about fiancé Al Reynolds have launched a gushy web site, StarAndAl.com celebrating their love and their upcoming nuptials.   . . . Looks like the release date for “The Brothers Grimm” will be moved until next year, fueling buzz that the Matt Damon/Heath Ledger flick is troubled.  . . . Christian Slater spent more than $14,000 at the London lap dance club, Sophisticats, according to the London Mirror. Slater, a married father of two, made headlines when he visited a strip joint with Ben Affleck last year. “Perhaps lap dances are cheaper in America because he wasn’t too happy about coughing up the cash,” a source told the paper. “But he did eventually pay up.”

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