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The release of the audio recording of Jerry Sandusky is a sad and unfortunate development. Sandusky had the opportunity to speak, under oath, during his trial and he chose not to do so. Releasing a recording at this time, nearly a year after he was found guilty on 45 counts, is transparently self-serving and yet another insult to the victims and anyone who cares about the truth in this tragic story.

Read: Sandusky: 'I don't know' if Paterno had suspicions about me

The Paterno family would prefer to remain silent on this matter, but they feel it is important to make it clear that they had no role in obtaining or releasing this recording. Moreover, they believe that any attempt to use this recording as a defense of Joe Paterno is misguided and inappropriate.  I encourage anyone who wants to understand the facts of this case to go to Paterno.com and read the reports of former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, former FBI profiler, James Clemente, noted pedophilia expert, Dr. Fred Berlin and the King & Spalding legal team.

From the beginning, the family has been committed to due process and a careful, objective examination of the facts. This is the path they will continue to follow.

Video: Sandusky on McQueary account: ‘His story changed a lot’

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    >>> it's been almost a year since jerry sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing boys. during the trial he decided not to testify. now is he speaking out. we get his take on a lot of issues including mike mcqueary who was a star witness against him.

    >> i think there's a lot of things that transpired. you know, i think these investigators, the way they went about business, you know, his story changed a lot. i think he said some things, and then it escalated on him even.

    >> john zeigler conducted the documentary on joe paterno he's working on. good morning.

    >> thank you matt.

    >> you wrote an open letter to the media yesterday, a preemptive strike against what you think will be a lot of criticism coming your way because of these interviews and what you've come, or the conclusions you've come to. why did you write that letter?

    >> le with, i know the media really well, matt. i've devoted most of my career to analyzing the media, and i personally believe the media in this particular case has an agenda they don't want to hear what the truth is. this has been a rush to judgment from the beginning and i know i'm going to get attacked from everybody.

    >> when you say this has been a rush to judgment from the very beginning after over a year of examining your case and your conversations with jerry sandusky in person and by phone do you believe he was wrongly convicted?

    >> well, jerry sandusky already had his day in court, but --

    >> do you believe he was wrongly convicted?

    >> i've written extensively about this at our website. my focus is on joe paterno .

    >> i understand but it helps me with perspective in the interview.

    >> jerry sandusky had his day in court, joe paterno never did. i'm trying to get joe paterno his day.

    >> do you think jerry sandusky is a pedophile?

    >> i have no doubt jerry sandusky was guilty of many if not all of the things he was accused of. i do believe there were due process problems with the file.

    >> your main problem with some of the evidence brought against jerry sandusky has to do with victim number two, the guy for our viewers so they remember, the guy mike mcqueary testified he saw in a shower with jerry $. the question of what happened came up in the courtroom. do you think mike mcqueary testified truthfully in the trial about the incident number two with jerry sandusky .

    >> depends on which version of his testimony you believe. i don't believe that mike mcqueary is lying. i think a large part is over ten years your memory changes and when a prosecution is desperate for a witness they might twist your arm a little bit and it's important to keep in mind they didn't have as much information about jerry sandusky in 2001 as we do now and i think as far as victim two is concerned that's the big news out of my interview. i know who victim two is, and his identity.

    >> let me interrupt, we've made the agreement because of nbc standards we are not going to identify victim number two.

    >> i'm fine with that but there are important points about what victim two did the year of 2011 that shed entirely new light on that mcqueary episode. he publicly in his own name said the accusers of jerry sandusky are not to be believe and jerry sandusky has the greatest this ing that happened to him. he gave a police interview saying jerry sandusky never molested me and on the day joe paterno was fired this is an interview he gave to a former police officer saying nothing happened in the shower and mcqueary is lying and investigators got him to lie.

    >> the victim never testified against jerry sandusky so his credibility never directly impacted the trial. the jurors never heard from victim number two.

    >> that's what's quite remarkable. the entire case against joe paterno , that's why i'm doing the documentary the framing of joe paterno , this is not a conspiracy theory i'm talking about and hopefully the larger documentary, this is all about joe paterno alleged's culpability which i don't believe the facts back up.

    >> go back to mike mcqueary , what would his motive have been to not tell the truth, did he want to be infamous and unemployed? that's how he ended up.

    >> the real sit i don't know that mike mcqueary is lying. we've focused on the wrong conversation. we've always focused on the mcqueary/ paterno conversation. it w it was the sandusky/and tim curley situation.

    >> here is jerry sandusky talking about what is it or didn't happen in the shower with victim number two. let's play it. here is a statement from the attorneys for victim number two released to nbc " jerry sandusky is a convicted child predator giving interviews from prison. our cleents, including victim two, have heard enough from jerry sandusky . er this focused on healing and holding penn state accountable for choosing to protect jerry sandusky and themselves instead of protecting children from years of horrific sexual abuse."

    >> i find it interesting they don't say anything what happened in the shower. i believe after reading this statement that victim two has not changed his story on what happened that incredibly important night from penn state and joe paterno 's perspective. i believe he changed his interpretation of the facts. by the way i think it's quite possible he was abused. i'm not saying he wasn't abused. i'm not saying he's lying. i'm saying he's telling the truth that november 9th , 2011 , joe paterno was rail roaded here.

    >> you asked jerry sandusky if paterno had a suspicion you were a pedophile would he have let you coach two more years? here's what he said? the paer this know family released a statement to us sunday night through a lawyer. they feel it's important to make it clear they had no role in obtaining or releasing this recording. any attempt to use this recording as a defense of joe paterno is misguided and inappropriate. if his own family saying this, why are you sure your cause is a just cause?

    >> well that statement i found to be sad, heartbreaking for me, considering i put a year of my life into this with no compensation, no thought of compensation, only wanted to do one thing which was to find out what the truth of this matter was, joe paterno 's dying wish and i have done everything i could possibly do to try to find out the truth of this matter and i think we're much closer today because this is a three and a half hours of interviews i've done with the central figure in this story, how in the world you can possibly get to the truth of this matter without talking to the central figure on the record as i have done from the perspective --

    >> keep in mind he had a chance to speak in court and chose not to testify.

    >> that's right. when people see the full three and a half hours if they look at the three and a half hours of my interview with jerry sandusky and they believe joe paterno was culpable here i will be stunned. i have done everything i can to get to the truth and i have also consulted with the paterno family sex crimes expert from before and after this interview and in fact asked questions based upon what he wanted me to ask sandusky.

    >> let's leave it at that. john ziegler appreciate your time.

    >> thank you, matt.


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