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Colin Cowie is synonymous with stylish, elegant weddings. TODAY.com spoke with the famed event planner, who is out with a new book titled "Colin Cowie's Wedding Planner," about his tips for what everyday brides-to-be can do to pull of the perfect, stress-free event.

Keep it simple, sweetheart: Don’t try to do it all
It’s all how you edit it. The most important thing is how you create the big picture. Once you’ve identified your theme and what the color scheme is, it’s going to help guide you with all your creative decisions. Looking at Pinterest or ColinCowieWeddings.com, you’ll find tremendous inspiration. You’ll take in all these different ideas. But what’s really unique? I always say that great style comes from ruthless editing — not everything works. So take what you like and see what works for your rehearsal dinner, reception, for your bridesmaids’ lunch. Take all these ideas and share them between the different events, but keep the big picture and your story together.

You don’t have to invite kids, but if you do, keep them entertained
I think as the bride and groom, you decide if you want or don’t want kids at the wedding and your guests should be there to honor your wishes, not selfishly think that they want their kids at the wedding. When kids are at a wedding, the adults’ behavior is completely different. You have to watch what you say, things have to be child-friendly and adults can’t get together and enjoy their table because of a nagging child.

Video: 4 tips for planning a wedding on a budget (on this page)

If you do invite kids, get a babysitter at a table off to the side, get a kid-friendly menu (they’re not going to sit through three courses, so give them pasta or pizza, something easy) and get a room in the hotel with a bunch of games and movies for the babysitter to use with the kids there. That way, the kids are taken care of, and the adults can have fun on their own. What we’re seeing now is really catering to the kids so that they’re not irritating the adults.

As long as you’re tasteful, do what you want!
The wedding is, with your fiancé, your first opportunity to make a joint statement of style. You can do anything, as long as taste prevails. If you want to walk down the aisle in a lime green wedding dress to Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” with your dog in a bow and a furry leash, and you’re not offending anyone, go ahead and do it; it’s your time to shine!

Save money with DIY
One of the biggest trends we’ve seen is a lot of DIY — brides want to do it themselves. They want to expand their budget, so there are things they can do at home to make (the wedding) glamorous and elegant and beautiful without spending a lot of money. Sites like Pinterest are an incredible DIY inspiration. Invitations, place cards, center pieces, vases — all these elements can be made in advance of the wedding so that money can be put into things like catering, etc.

Add a little bling and a pop of color
Mixed metals are really big, as well as working with reflective surfaces — a lot of bling goes a long way.As far as colors, we’re seeing a lot of gray, purple, lavender and emerald green is the new big color trend of the year.

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Video: 4 tips for planning a wedding on a budget

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    >>> if you're planning to walk down the aisle but short on ideide ideas and money, look no further than celebrity colin cowie . his latest, a wedding keepsake organizer. a gorgeous book, absolutely stunning. it's to put together a wedding but have something you can cherish afterwards. a lot of people that plan, the bride doing all the work?

    >> not any more. 50/50, shared responsibility.

    >> it should be anyway. hear that, john? 50/50.

    >> the most important thing is to be organized and why i created a planner that keeps you organized.

    >> what are some of the mistakes people make? chrissy is planning her own wedding now.

    >> be organized and dream and come with a plan and then you have the big picture , it guides you on decisions along the way.

    >> you showed us ways to create a memorable event taking us to a whole new level. you're showing us ways to dress up. this is the venue where you're getting married. every bride wants a bigger budget than she has. how to create great things.

    >> this is ann arbor where you're exchanging your vows. and you kcan make wishes on ribbons. and all the wishes are attached very easily to the arbor while they get married.

    >> it makes it very personal.

    >> makes it very personal and collect these ribbons and if they hit a bumpy patch they can read these ribbons. this is easy to do. make ancision and put the ribbon in there.

    >> this is not hard?

    >> no. these are easy ways to do this and done in advance.

    >> i was definitely planning my outfit according to the theme.

    >> we look like christmas here.

    >> i know.

    >> looks like a very glamorous table but if you break it down great ideas. this is a candelabra and we spray painted it green and makes them more modern and put matching green kalcandles in there. i love this idea. these are what we found at the builder's emporium, a dollar and a quarter apiece but make it glamorous as well. we covered our glass vases in crocodile wall paper and the napkin ring and we created personalized cards as well, the name on the front and menu itself.

    >> it can save money these things that can cost you a lot.

    >> pay $30 for one of these and this is made at your home printer and a couple crystals.

    >> people will want to keep it, too. gorgeous.

    >> and emerald is the big fashion color of the year. i love the idea of working with the gray as our base color.

    >> what other colors --

    >> good for me.

    >> what other colors are great this season?

    >> purple is a great color. i love emerald green , chrissy and winter colors.

    >> you will show us how you made those cards and menus.

    >> every wedding starts with an invitation. we love an invitation with lining. this is the easiest things to do.

    >> people spend thousands of dollars sometimes on invitations.

    >> put the liner in yourself.

    >> get your bridesmaids to come over and girlfriends.

    >> a glass of wine.

    >> my gosh, heaven.

    >> the menu card.

    >> i love this. a gift.

    >> this is a gift.

    >> and the mac car roans and you have yourself a wonderful party.

    >> that 's wonderful .

    >> thank you, colin cowie .


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